The West African Journal of Pharmacy is an open access quarterly journal allowing free unlimited access to abstract and full-text. The journal is designed to foster multi-displinary research and collaboration among pharmaceutical scientists, practising pharmacists, pharmaceutical industries and the healthcare sector, as well as provide an international forum for the communication and evaluation of data, communication and opinions in pharmacy practice and related disciplines. All manuscripts are subject to rapid peer review on the strict condition that have not been previously published or are under consideration for publication or in press. Original research papers, critical reviews, personal views and short communications in the following areas are considered:

Pharmaceutical sciences: pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry and analysis, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutical microbiology.  Clinial pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, medicines management, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacy management and publblic health pharmacy.

Other aspects of pharmacy practice such as hospital, community, industrial, social and administrative pharmacy. Biomedical and related discilines.